Health And Safety

Health And Safety Policy

UECO SAFETY Global limited is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all staff, customers, and other stakeholders on a continuous basis.The company provide information, training and supervision needed to achieve 100% compliance to health and safety legislation health and safety is one of the foundations on which we unite,build and save our planet earth and as a result protect our excellent company.

UECO health and safety policy and procedures cover the following areas:

  • Top management is responsible for programs like induction of staff, safety meetings, training programs
  • Before assessment, the safety supervisor must carry out inspection and confirm that the equipment, tools and area are safe to use.
  • The safety supervisor should make sure that the workers abide to the HSE procedures during assessment, waste collection
  • UECO Quality Inspector / Control Manager is obligated to provide protective clothing and equipment to the employees.
  • The Project Manager must make sure that the employees wear protective clothing (long pants, long sleeved shirt, helmet, work shoes….)
  • The Work Manager must ensure that all accidents/incidents are reported, investigated and followed-up
  • The Safety Manager is obligated to give an annual course and quarterly training reminder regarding the Health and Safety procedures
  • The CEO will make sure that the company meet all Health and Safety legislation related to the company