Why UecoSafety


SUSTAINABLE WASTE MANAGEMENT: UECO work provide a cleaner, hygienic, more program focuses on the 3ps of prompt service, proper Collection and proper disposal or waste management method.In summary this 3Ps is based on the typical waste heirarch: Avoid, eliminate, reduce, recycle, treat and disposal.


Our team of highly qualified staff are well trained to offer
professionalism and service delivery employing the best available/practicable environmental option (BPEO) to manage waste. We have an active and excellent 24-hours customer service line to respond appropriately to any waste concern either instant pickup, daily, weekly or monthly house to house service.

Proper Collection

UECO has sophisticated trucks on hand to collect waste from anywhere,be it individual properties, communal sites or industrial facilities. We ensure that our trucks is in good shape and not overloaded with waste which can directly pose serious dangers to environment and human health. Our collection system in the nutshell meets the waste transportation standard. UECO employs the necessary collection systems such as bin bags, color coded bins, waste skips for waste collection. Choosing the correct time of collection system is critical to reduce the burden of waste collection.

Proper Method

Depending on the type of waste, UECOSAFETY adopts the BPEO to deliver for recycling, reuse waste at a facility or dispose of waste at a waste dump site for segregation and treatment. Proximity, Size of organisation, Complexity of the organisation are other important indicators when deciding the best method of handling and managing waste. To UECO, the option of disposal of waste is only adopted after all other options are exhausted

Ueco Waste Mobile App

In an effort to reduce waste and increase recycling, UECOSAFETY is introducing UECO mobile app. This online application main objective is to create wealth using waste. The app allows individuals and corporate organizations to sign up online and to manage thier waste and recycle more, reuse or reduce the waste they generate..

  • Find nearby locations for pick-up
  • discover industry news and insights and
  • increase their knowledge about where items should go to avoid dumpsite buildup, their used plastic,
  • return their used PET or plastic bottles containers for incentive
  • terms and conditions apply. kindly download UECO app online or call our customer service line………………………………to find out more.

Waste Equipment Sales

 We engage in the sales and supply of a variety of waste collection systems such as Colour-coded waste bins biodegradable bags, Energy efficient Pressure washers, Eco-Drilling machines and so on. Our sales agents and line are always available to give you a quote anytime.


Both national and international accredited safety and green courses from organisations such as NEBOSH, IEMA, IOSH, are obtained at our cooperate office. We have student with SSCE qualifications to PHD holders and cooperate staff coming to learn and rediscover new ways of safety and sustainability career. There is basic level/foundation level, intermediate and specialized training courses to suite and individual or industry. Even if you are an early career staff or you want to build upon your existing knowledge and experience, UECO academy will offer you the best training for your money. We combine industry knowledge, expertise content and technology to develop work force safety/environmental competency with the added benefit of:

  • Flexibility
  • Reduced time to competency
  • Eliminated travel expense.