• Material / Equipment Sales (Waste management products and design)
  • Safety / Fire equipment (Design, Supply and Installation services)
  • Printing and Branding
  • Studio and Food Lounge
  • Pest Control (Disinfectant service)
  • Manpower and Health, Safety and Environmental Training
  • Technical Installation and Maintenance Engineering work
  • Energy products

Materials / Equipment Sales (Waste materials).

UECO engages in the sales and supply of quality waste collection materials (i.e. skips, receptacles, bins etc), Truck Hire and Sale, biodegradable bags, Waste to wealth recycling materials, pressure washers. Our Sales agents and customer service line (07035523860) are always available nationwide to give you a quote anytime.

Safety / Fire equipment

With our team of highly skilled safety experts, we identify and recommend quality health, safety and fire equipment to meet your needs at all times.

Manpower and Health, Safety and Environmental Training4

Both National and international accredited manpower and safety courses from organisations such as NEBOSH, IEMA, IOSH, ISPON are obtained at our corporate office.

We have student with SSCE qualifications to PhD holders and coproate staff coming to learn and rediscover new ways of safety career.

There is basic, foundation, intermediate and specialized training courses to suit any individual or industry. Even if you are an early career staff or you want to build upon your existing knowledge and experience, UECO Academy will offer you the best training for your money.

We combine industry knowledge, expertise content and technology to develop work force safety/ environmental competency with the added benefit of:

  • Flexibility
  • Reduced time to competency
  • Eliminated travel expense

Technical installation and maintenance Engineering work

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