UECOSAFETY GLOBAL LIMITED is principally a leading provider of safety and  environmental engineering materials, waste collection products, prints, media and food services, construction works and contract delivery/ management and compliance projects. 


Our UECO products and services are here to help protect people’s lives and the planet; strengthen private companies or public government institutions, handle problems that would  cost them money or create liabilities. 


The acronym ‘UECO’ means that we are all ‘United for safe ecological businesses and as we  coexist everyone has a role to play in the survival of our planet- earth. So the UECO business  believes that by creating and sustaining partnership with people and their organizations, the  good done will reverberate through the local economy and the world, preventing climate  change. 


Going Green and staying safe is our motto. We aim to produce sustainable goods locally in  the very short-term in order to reduce pollution. Uecosafety Limited also partners with  suppliers and manufacturers from within and outside Nigeria, leverage on technology and  other resources; (i.e fintech) construct, research, identify, sell and promote goods and  services that improves people’s lives, prevent accidents and promote a healthy safety culture  while reducing all forms of waste or negative impact on our climate or environmental.



Waste Management design and solutions, Eco-Prints, Book Publishing, Media and Branding  Services, HSE training, Manpower supply, Recertification services, Photography Services,  Construction works, Installation and Maintenance Engineering work, Agriculture Manpower  supply, Agro-friendly Climate change solutions.

Procurement / Material Supply:

Sales of Safety and environmental Engineering Materials, Equipment Hire and Sales, Clean  energy technology items, Computer and Communication items, Waste Collection and Recycling Items, Machinery Hire and Maintenance, Tools and Heavy equipment sales/Solar  Energy Products, Educational Materials Supply, Heating and Cooling equipment supplies. 

Other Technical Services:

Petroleum Haulage, Food Production and Supply, Car/Vehicle Hire and leasing, offshore  support, Disinfectant Control services, Permit support, Monitoring and management,  Research and Development, Spill Response and Management, Fashion, Risk  Management/Audit, Preparation of HSE Manuals and management systems.


Our vision is to:

  • become a global supplier of high quality sustainable product and services applying new technology at all times
  • unite with people of high integrity and value touching lives in a positive way


Our goal is to unite with people and organisations; providing superior goods and services to  customers and businesses within Africa and beyond. UECO aims to partner with major  players in the fintech and sustainability industry, lead in green and safe projects globally. We  are fully committed to the provision of materials that are safe and eco-friendly to the  satisfaction of our clients and integrity remains our key motto in the course of our project  and program execution.



Leadership and Teamwork. 

Excellent Customer Service. 

Result Oriented. 


Product Quality.

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